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If you want to turn on or off some Windows features, you can type optionalfeatures. But, at times, you may find that turn Windows features on or off blank. If Windows features blank appears, do you know how to fix it? MiniTool Solution will show you some available solutions.

Windows is always equipped with many features. Sometimes, you may find that there are some errors. Or perhaps, the Windows feature you want to use is turned off and you need to turn it on. No matter which situation you are facing, you just need to turn Windows features on or off based on your own requirements. How to do this job? Windows Features will begin to load the features on your computer. If everything is OK, you will see the following interface with a Windows features list.

Then, you can select a feature to turn it on or clear the checkbox to turn it off. But, sometimes, you may find that Windows Features not loading the features you want to see. That is, turn Windows features on or off blank or empty on Windows 7 or Windows This issue can happen no matter you are using Windows 10 or Windows 7.

When you are also bothered by it, do you know how to fix this issue? Now, we will show you some solutions to fixing Windows features not loading. If you have created a system restore point, you can perform a system restore to revert your computer to a previous point when the Windows Features can work normally. The Windows features blank issue can also be caused by corrupted Windows system files. To rule out this issue, you can run System File Checker to replace the corrupted Windows systems files.

Some users reflect that the turn Windows features on or off blank issue disappears after creating a new administrator. So, you can also try this method to see whether it is helpful.

If the Component Store contains some corrupt information, you can also encounter the Windows features not loading. Reboot your computer. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Summary : If you want to turn on or off some Windows features, you can type optionalfeatures. Scroll down for the next news Scroll down.



Windows 7 features list empty free. www.makeuseof.com


While enabling registry in system user mode, no need to download a tool though, go to the second page of that article and see how to change owner permissions. Rest all works. Thank you for the article. Any ideas how to proceed? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? AAAAA it gave me a nightmare.

This is great! You saved me weeks of time. Just was about to reinstall the system. Thanks a million! Keep it up, Kudos and thanks very much. It worked!! Thank you so much! I had tried all the other fixes with no luck. The last step was to restart the Windows Modules Installer service.

For some reason it had changed from Automatic to Manual. On a side note for reference , I had tried uninstalling the most recent security update KB The update that had caused the problem was KB I had previously installed and uninstalled it.

I tried the Vista and Windows 7 tools but it said they were not for my version of Windows. Thanks anyway. You did help many people. Wanted to remove internet explorer, but the features page was blank.

I ran the readiness tool as described and that fixed the issue! Adios explorer. Thank you so much, from all the post on the internet, this is the that really solves the issue.

I am rarely post comments on any blog.. Hot damn. I had zero confidence, but this worked — straight after deleting those registry keys, no restart even needed. Thanks a heap. I dont normally leave messages but for you Raymond, you really deserve it.

Telnet in cmd is pure love, man. Just couldnt live without it, I was so disappointed when the local IT sent me a replacement laptop without telnet. When I demanded for telnet, they just keep on offering me a mfkin Putty.

Not hating on Putty but come on, really? Deleting keys in the registry section indicated seems to not be the solution as I guess the catalog and manifests are there. I was able to fix most of the missing files using Microsoft Tech Net article by placing the. There was a.

After doing this, magic — the missing Windows components appeared! See support. To fix this I found this page: computerstepbystep. On my computer it was not. I started it and the problem was solved. Excellent solution. Now I ran Inetmgr. IIS is running. Happy camper. I hardly ever post comments, but this was gold! Thanks, worked great. This actually worked. Well done and thank you so much. The problem I had, for those it might affect, were particularly related it seems to a security update for.

Net 3. I have Windows 8. I dont now what to do. Tryed anything.. It worked also in the case of a laptop where the unresolved f lines in CheckSUR.

Deleting those keys after exporting them to be on the safe side for all packages where later versions than x. And not in a crashed NT. Apologies, if this has yet been posted no time to read all of them, online time is money for me, pardon. Our lives will not last longer for the amount of time sacrificed for this deus ex machina.

Might there be some way of getting those components- in optional features- enabled or disabled without those alterations of the registry? I did see the DIMS commands to be made at cmd. They all draw up error readings for me in Win 7 SP 1. Thank You very much! Thank you very much, Raymond! It works like a charm after deleting the offending registry entries. Microsoft own solution was not complete at all. No matter how many computers I do this on Im always back on this site.

I wont bother saving this offline just to give you more views. What else can I do? Install the update Windows6. The problem disappeared, everything works. Greetings from Russia.

Thank you — after many failed attempts this is the only thing that worked for me. But after deleting corrupt keys all is well. This actually worked! Even though it took me so much time to be able to get the necessary permissions.

Thanks a lot!! I have been trying so many things to resolve this windows update issue and this one really works. Thanks you so much. I used the Registrar Registry and was pleasantly surprised that it worked as I was doing this blindly after backing up the Registry.

Maybe this should be given as first and possibly only solution as it is quick. I had tried everything mostly in safe mode but none seemed to have worked. Thank you again and as a community we much appreciate it. Needless to say Microsoft is too big to care about these bugs. I used the Registrar Registry Manager method, and it worked! Given all the other things I have tried, I am frankly amazed that it did; as soon as I completed deleting the corrupted files, I had immediate success.

I am irritated with Microsoft that they do not reference this information on their website. Thanks so much!!! It really works!!! I have been trying to fix this windows features blank screen for a year and a half and thanks to you it is back :. Installing KB worked great on W7! Size is 0. Patch: support. Thank You. Thank you again. Tony B. Good for the successful troubleshooters — but for me not so much. Does this article cover Win7 SP1 as well? Maybe the Packages folder is called something else in my Registry.

System restore does not work either. MickM,Use the registry fix he has suggested. I tried ALL of what you have tried among other things to try to fix the windows features being blank. I just finished his registry fix solution and it totally worked! I had 26 registry errors to fix for the darn thing. Thanks Mr Raymond,although it was a tedious and long process it did work as you stated.

I decided, at my own discretion, to delete this package anyway after making a backup, of course. To my great surprise, it worked as if it should have! Great thanks for the explanation, man! This worked for me too!! Deleted those two registry entries and voila!!! Thanks for posting this! It is a bit tedious and I always hate playing with the registry, but your steps are thorough and accurate.

Following the link for manually setting permissions was also necessary to delete the key that was causing the error.

Those worked well too. I followed this guide yesterday, there was one key in the registry I had to give myself full control of to delete from the log, after that it was fixed. Thank you. Thank you very much for this article. Found the culprits and it worked right away. This worked for me… Not only did it restore the Windows Features Options check-boxes, but more importantly it restored the list of Windows Updates installed on my Vista laptop, because I wanted to uninstall KB from last week until they get it right!!

All now sorted — thanks. Installed the SUR, rebooted and tried optionalfeatures. Still empty. Any other suggestions are still welcome. If nothing works above, try download and install Windows6.

Happened to me. Your links for Vistabit and Vistabit are swapped. Should probably fix that so as to not confuse anybody. Those pages used to be correct but for reasons known only to Microsoft, they switched them around. It worked for me. However I had to use the 3rd party registry editor to delete the keys. While my normal user account local admin did allow me to see all the packages sub keys but not delete them. Worked for me, too!!! My log showed the following.

Now hoping I can resolve my other updating issues. Well, crud. Running SFC before indicated that I have a corrupt sxs. Took a while due to many registry entries which needed to be deleted, but worth the effort and time. I, MGP, being of sound mind and body, in declaring my last will and testament, do hereby bequeath all my worldly goods to whomever it was that figured out a solution that WORKS! Been so frustrated with a brand new Lenovo w WIth your fix, I can finally select Windows components.

So glad you posted this. Great work! Got the permissions to work — but after deleting the registry entries — Turn Windows Features On or Off is still blank. You are great! After more than a week and became to be crazy…. Thank you!! After rerunning the System Update Readiness Tool the rather extensive log was reduced to three lines with unfixed packages. Deleting those three did it. Started to get discouraged as none of the solution worked until I tried Registrar.

So much for Windows 7 being stable. Really really really thank you; if i had found this solution earlier i would not have had spent 8 hours nonstop trying to solve the problem, thanks very very much! Thankyou so much,it worked. I had been experiencing. NET Framework v2. Now I can finally see the. NET Framework 3. After some hours googling and trying, this one Worked very well. Thanks for all the answers given. I have been trying to update a new install of Win7 x64 to SP1 for a couple of weeks.

I thought the issue was DotNet related. However I noticed that the Features list was blank and applied your fix. Now I have a features list and I am installing SP1. A far better solution than another wipe and reload! Beside the feature-list issue, it resolved another widespread problem with IE-Update to newer version not working. A very effective fix. Many thanks!

Thanks a lot. Great article! WOW that was a great solution. Not only did it fix my empty list issue, but it also resolved installed updates not showing and my WSUS server thinking the PC needed IE9 even though it was already installed! Can anyone help? This fix cured the blank Windows Update page, but also cured the issue that caused updates to fail so I no longer needed to uninstall SP2 and do the in place upgrade. This also fixed a very annoying problem where KB was being installed over and over again by windows update.

This and all the other articles did not help me, but there was a note that referenced using DISM. The sent me on the track to look for MS updates that had certificates that were out of date. I found on and fixed it with these articles. Wow, never expect too much that this solution will actually solve my problem as I have tried out tons of solution which did not work.

Good solution, keep up your good work! I just took ownership of the key and i was able to make permission modifications. Registrar Home v7 is a great and powerful tool! I like the way it worked! Thank you for the walkthroughs. Now maybe I can update media center and internet explorer in Windows 7. IE10 and 11 are the safest browsers at the moment. In my case deleting register keys was an option. Excellent … i tried Windows Update but it the problem still. You save me re-install windows.

I thank you very much Raymond, you have really sorted me out. I have bookmarked you blog. Needless to say, even though I had to take manual possession of every problematic registry key to delete them, as neither PSExec or RunAsSystem worked for me, I was successful in getting my Win7 box fixed with your instructions. Thanks a bunch. Remarkably excellent article.

Easy to follow — screen views absolutely match what I came up with following the directions. I did not have to go any further than step three to get the Windows features window to open with a list of services.

WOW amazing, I tried everything — this fix works and the guide is so comprehensive. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Outstanding article. Many thanks. You did a VERY good job! I just took ownership of the keys right click — permisssions then gave myself full access and was able to delete it.

That worked! Raymond you are the best. Anyway, I have tried all the solutions even WINFIX who says it has been fixed; you restart your computer and nothing the list is still empty!

Your solution was the hardest but effective. The most difficult is to delete the corrupted registry because of the permissions.

Anyway your solutions saved me. I spent so much time trying to fix it, but nothing worked.. Except this one! Thanks a ton. Thank you very much. Your solution worked perfectly. I just needed a little extra patience. The hotfix finally worked. I took a long time, but it worked. This not only fix my features problem but also the problem while upgrading to windows 7 sp1…. You rock man you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh my god, this actually works… Every site of microsoft i checked and nothing worked, but this really works. You helped me so much, thank you!!! I followed the procedure patiently and had to manually delete 23 corrupt registry entries. I have been bashing my head on the keyboard for 2 weeks on this one.

Thank you thank you! It took so long to find a fix I have forgotton why I went to Win features in the first place!!!! I had the same problem with W7…and thanks to your instructions, the list is displayed again a big thank you.

Holy crap, it worked! Your solution fixed a Windows Update problem which was preventing Internet Explorer 9 from installing correctly. Kept failing to update 3 patches for IE8 and IE9. Windows update immediately started working again after running your fix. Great solution, well documented. Well done. Would just like to add my own note of thanks.

Took me ages messing around with other solutions, but this one worked like a charm. Scary changing the reg, but your step be step instructions aid off. Thank you so much for finding this fix. I had to delete over 70 registry so much permission setting! You the best! You sir, are a god damn star! I wish i had found this post 6 months ago. Awesome, works a treat. System Update Readiness Tool Solved the problem for me. Thank you very much for your great help. Not only fixed the Features window but also finally allowed me to install an update that kept failing!

So much thanks! Hello Raymond. Thanks for the information. However, I had to go through a few more steps to get this working, and wanted to contribute some information I found while resolving this issue. After finding the error messages in the CheckSUR. I went to the Microsoft site, and downloaded the related patch that was showing the error in the CheckSUR. Raymond CC — you are the man! I spent 2 evenings trawling the web for solutions till i found this.

You are my hero, this actually worked, after trying just about everything else available on the Net! Thank you so much Raymond! The last part worked for me and the guide for Full control as well.

After pulling out my hair I found this information. Good to go! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Raymond! This worked perfectly. I followed your instructions carefully and found a corrupt entry which I deleted and now I see things to activate instead of a blank screen!

Happiness followed. I would buy you lunch if I could! So went in a removed the packages as Raymond suggested and voila! It worked perfectly. Time consuming? Yes at least a bit. Worth it. Very much so. Worked beautifully! Very well written, detailed instructions. Thank you thank you thank you! Wow , never thought i would have to use this method today. Did everything like you said and it works brilliantly. What a relief. Good tool to have in my usb toolbox.

Thanks for this tip Ray. This has also fixed another long-standing headache of mine: the inability to uninstall the release candidate of IE9. Since running this fix I now have the IE9 release candidate listed in Windows Updates to uninstall, which I did not have before.

So this fix should be posted to the many forum posts where people are having that problem. Thanks again. First Time regedit Was unable to delete files after giving permission also but later i deleted it using Tune Up Utilities Registry Editor.. Hey, thanks for this well explained solution. Works perfect and does not require a system restore. The first method with download and update, resolve a problem. Respect ….

Thanks, your how-to gave me the tools to fix the issue for a friend. Paul registered user Great post! My problem was getting a Service Pack installed. This fix allowed me to do that. The more I have to do these types of things to Windows, the more I want a Mac.

Many Many Thanks, that worked for me. Thank you so much for posting this and help people, nice one, cheers :- thumbs up Thanks for the solution dude………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Microsoft support sucks.. Genius, many thanks. Running the update did not work, but deleting the registry keys after taking ownership of the key from system fixed the problem.

So i found those 5 files and deleted them which worked for me. It was also having w along with f , deleted w as well. I wasted 3 days behind these but finally solved. You are great if you are the original author of this article. It fixed my problem easier. Microsoft Kb article to resolve the same problem seems useless.

I solute you!!! Worked for me without having to go to the log file. Spent 3 hours trying Microsoft fixes and this worked in 15 minutes. I have Windows 7 64bit and your suggestion of downloading the System Update Readiness Tool from Microsoft worked, after I had already tried the other suggestions from Microsoft with no success.

This guide has solved my problem. Found this post to brute force it:. Features are now showing up. I am really thankful to you for providing this solution. I was almost ready to format my own system. Many thanks again!! Dude, worked like a charm. You rock! Seriously awesome, worked great! Thanks man! Worked on Win 7 bit after running update, removing reg entries and then running update again. Results showed nothing under Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs after second time. You fixed it!

The Windows Support fixes all failed — including running the checksur. But your fix worked. Man that was asome…needed to delete a lots of corupted registry but finally worked. U are a genious…. Were Microsoft failed you succeeded. This issue had be stumped I was about to reformat before I stumbled across this page. I have problem again with windows feature on or off blank in windows 7 64 bit. Click OK. Reboot the machine. Worked like a charm for me! Had to go all the way, including manually deletion of registry keys.

Fixed another and probably related problem for me: The list of installed windows updates came up blank before this fix. They need to post a link to this! Thank you very much for this article I Want to active telnet feature in windows 7 proff 64 bit.

After i follow until step 4, the display is appear. Top man! Thanks again! God knows how long searching then I stumble across this.

Worked first time. Now if only Microsoft would list this instead of the crap they have! After combing the internet for a solution for this issue, I came upon your site.

Your solution was easy to understand and straight forward. I followed it step by step and it worked!!! Now I am not the only one in the office not playing the games : Thank you Raymond. Works like a charm on Win 7 enterprise!

I didnt have to tweak the registry. Just the readiness update! Thanks buddy!! Man…it worked!!! Wow, excellent guide! I was having this problem on Windows 7 bit ever since my PC was abruptly turned off during a power outage. After removing it from the Registry, everything is working again!

I was almost resigned to reinstall, then I came across your advice. This worked like a charm, along with the article re setting full control permissions. Thanks Raymond. You need to sell this to Microsoft. About a dozen f I had to delete. Thanks, Raymond.

I followed your instructions and they worked. Once I deleted the ones I could find, the Windows Features dialog worked like a charm. Their instructions are a headache for fixing this. I struggled with this for weeks now and THIS is the only thing that worked. I was about ready to reinstall windows!

Why do they have to make it soooooo difficult. I mean I am an administrator, why would I have to change ownership of the registry key, how is this any more secure if I CAN change ownership anyway!

Dumb… anyway, it worked, thanks! Thanks a lot man! I fixed this on Windows 7 32bit. You have to download the appropriate tool from the Microsoft page. After deleting the problematic registry keys, it really works! This worked! I spent a week trying to fix it, and almost gave up and bought a new computer. This fix took me some time to complete, but it worked!

Thank you my friend. I deleted the files found in CheckSur. Now, Windows features are visible. Outstanding, Raymond! Brilliant too. But I suspected something was messed up in the registry, so I kept looking.

I finally found your post. Thanks very much for your work, which has saved me many hours of frustration. This worked for me. What I eventually did is export the packages key, took ownership of the keys this was the time consuming process , deleted the keys, rebooted, and reimported the keys the imported keys get new permissions from the parent packages. All those useless forums that come up from a google search on this problem should be redirected here!! This is the solution!!

After following this advice I was able to install Vista service pack2. I had almost given up. Thank you so much for this article, and God bless you!

You are a genius! I spent over 8 hours with Microsoft level 1 and level2 support. No joy. In place upgrade repair failed 4 times. Thank you SO much. Raymond CC has a better grip than Microsoft themselves. Terrific piece of diagnostic research. No way I am going to install Vista but I might be asked to assist someone with this problem — so advice saved.

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Mark P 4 years ago. Becky 4 years ago. Jumpin 4 years ago. Jan 5 years ago. Keefe P. For either one, you need to make sure the account you are logged into has administrative credentials. If so, then try the methods below to fix the blank or empty Windows features dialog box. The first way to fix this problem is to run the System File Checker tool, which will scan all the system files for Windows 7 or Vista and replace any corrupted, missing, or incorrect files with the original correct versions.

Right-click on cmd. The scan will take a little while to complete and may also ask for the original Windows installation CD. Try running Windows Update again or try going into Windows Features and seeing if everything has come back into the list.

If not, try method 2. You may have to restore your operating system to a previous state in which the problem did not exist. Click Next when the dialog pops up and then choose one of the previous restore points from the list and click Next. Hopefully once the restore is finished, you can either install Windows updates or not have a blank Windows Features dialog box. Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time.

He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Read Aseem’s Full Bio.