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How to create mailing labels by using mail merge in Word?.Use mail merge for bulk email, letters, labels, and envelopes

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How to Set Up the Source Document Mail Merge works by populating specified fields on a document with data from another source, typically a database or spreadsheet. If you plan to use your Outlook contacts, the following article may be helpful: How to export Outlook contacts to Excel. So now our labels are ready to print. You can add as many recipients as you want, and change the list at any time.

How to Print Labels with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word and Excel.


Mail Merge is a useful tool that allows you to produce multiple letters, labels, envelopes, name tags, and more using information stored in a list, database, or spreadsheet. When performing a Посмотреть еще Mergeyou will need a Word document you can start with an existing one or create a new one and a recipient listwhich is typically an Excel workbook. Optional: If you’d like to work along with the lesson, you can download the examples below:.

The Mail Merge pane appears and will guide you through the six main steps to complete a страница. The following example demonstrates how to create a form letter and merge the letter with a laebls list.

Now you’ll need an address list so Word can ссылка на страницу place each address into the document. The list can be in an existing file, such as an Excel workbookor you can type a new address list from within the Mail Merge Wizard. If you don’t have an existing address list, you can click the Type a new list button and click Create. You can microsoft word 2013 labels mail merge free type your address ссылка на страницу. Now you’re ready to write microsoft word 2013 labels mail merge free letter.

When it’s printed, each copy of the letter will basically be the same; only the recipient data such as the name and address will be different. You’ll need to add placeholders for the recipient data so Mail Merge knows exactly where to add the data.

For some letters, you’ll only need to add an Address block and Greeting line. Sometimes, however, you may want to place recipient data within the body of the letter to personalize it even further.

Opening the Mail Merge Wizard. Selecting Letters and clicking Next. Selecting Use the current document and clicking Next. Clicking Browse Mifrosoft the Address List. Selecting a worksheet. Selecting recipients to include or exclude. Clicking Next. Placing the insertion point in the desired location.

Clicking Address block Adjusting the address block formatting. Microxoft AddressBlock placeholder. The Microsoft word 2013 labels mail merge free placeholder. Previewing the letters. Printing the letters. Clicking OK. The Print dialog box. Next: Customizing the Ribbon.


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