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Jul 31,  · Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering Mitchel Pigsley Very similar to my mastering tutorial for LP9, but revamped for LPX and I threw in some more relevant information throughout. Flex Pitch, Free Logic Pro X Tutorials, Logic Pro X, LOGIC PRO X TUTORIAL – FLEX PITSH, Mastering, Strip Silence, Track Stacks, Upgrading to Logic Pro X. Share this. This pack contains 10 unique custom mastering templates, designed to help you improve the sound of your tracks in a single click. Ultimate Mastering was built to make mixing and mastering easy, and designed to provide a wide variety of tonal options for finalising your tracks; from gentle and subtle mastering, to colourful, saturated processing – all at the click of a mouse. The . The 6 Life-Saving Tips For Mastering in Logic Pro X • Why.


Mastering in Logic Pro X : The Basics.Best Mastering Chain with FREE Plugins — Sage Audio

Nov 14,  · In this Logic Pro X tutorial video, I will show you how you can achieve broadcast loudness levels without purchasing any expensive plugins or equipment. You should master the beats you put up on streaming platforms like YouTube or Soundcloud, to ensure that people that are on all sorts of devices can hear the beat/song nice and loud without. Jul 28,  · Bouncing Your Mixdown for Mastering. There are a few things you should note when you bounce your mixdown for the mastering process. The first is the amount of headroom that is present in your mix, that is, at what level it is peaking. You can easily notice this by looking at your master channel dB meter. The 6 Life-Saving Tips For Mastering in Logic Pro X • Why.