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Patch Manager Plus provides a hassle-free way to deploy Windows 10 feature updates and ensures Windows 10 PC’s are safe and up-to-date. If you’re using Windows 10, installing Windows 11 will feel just like installing a Windows 10 feature update. Microsoft has said exactly that.

Yes, you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade. Here’s how | ZDNet


If it does not download automatically, please click here. We only recommend windows 10 feature update free we believe in. Products that work. But, just so you know, we may earn commission in doing so. Ellie Zhuang. Microsoft regularly releases update packages to fix bugs and windows 10 feature update free new features. While updates can improve the system stability and increase PC performance, the slowness of the Windows update process can be really frustrating.

Yes, you can restart your PC, and it should be safe in most cases. To turn off your computer or laptop, you can long-press the перейти на страницу button. Windows 10 feature update free update requires time to complete, so let it finish if you can.

There are no guarantees that it also works for you. You may not have to try them all. Just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you. The Update troubleshooter is a Windows built-in utility that can help resolve common issues with downloading and installing Windows updates. Then, select Windows Update and click Run the troubleshooter.

Some third-party applications may conflict with Windows update and cause disruptions to the process. Then, right-click the program you want to prevent it from featuee on startup and select Disable. Try restarting the Windows Update service to see по этой ссылке that fixes your issue:. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo rree and R at the same time to open the Run box. Type services. Right-click the Windows Update and click Restart.

Windows updates could take up a fair amount of disk space. If your PC is running low on free space, you might encounter issues when installing Windows updates. In this case, freeing up hard drive space is very likely the solution to your problem. Here are some ways to free up your hard drive windows 10 feature update free and make room for the update files:. Then, click Control Panel.

Then, click Disk Cleanup. Then, click OK. This can help you get rid of the temporary and unnecessary files and free up your hard drive space so that your computer can update faster. Then, click Defragment and Optimize Drives. Outdated or faulty hardware drivers can also trigger PC issues. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your Windows version. Driver Frse will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your devices, and your Windows version, and it will download and install them correctly:.

Driver Easy will then scan your computer and подробнее на этой странице any problem drivers. Corrupted or damaged system files may also be the reason why your computer updates so slow. Follow the instructions below to see how to fix the issue:.

Reimage specializes in Windows repair. It scans your system file to see if any is corrupted or missing and replaces system files automatically. You can review a summary of the issues detected after the scan is finished. Hopefully, you would find this article useful and easy to follow. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions and questions. Ellie is a technical writer for Driver Easy. She writes tech tips, tricks and tutorials to help people solve computer, Windowws and mobile problems.

To install Driver Easy Click. Ellie Zhuang Last Updated: 2 months ago. After restarting your Featuure, try these winxows You may not have to try them all.

Windows 10 feature update free the Windows Windows 10 feature update free Troubleshooter Disable third-party startups Restart Windows Update windows 10 feature update free Free up your hard drive space Update device drivers Repair corrupt system files Fix 1: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter The Update troubleshooter is a Windows built-in utility that can help resolve common issues with downloading and installing Windows updates.

There are still 5 more fixes to try. Fix 2: На этой странице third-party startups Some third-party applications may conflict with Windows update and cause disruptions to the process.

You should keep your featuree launching automatically for safety. Restart your PC to test the windows 10 feature update free. It may be critical for the functioning of your computer. This process could take a little while. Please wait for it to be complete. This could take several minutes. Wait for the DISM tool to update your system files automatically. The best 10 torrent sites in — Most popular in the world Camilla Mo 2 weeks ago.

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Windows 10 feature update free. Windows 10 feature update deployment


Windows 10 updates offer the latest features and security improvements for your operating system. For this reason, you may want to update your PC regularly. Before the installation process starts, Windows checks to ensure there’s enough storage space on your internal drive. If you don’t have enough по этой ссылке space, you’ll see a pop-up message that reads, Windows needs more space.

This shouldn’t stop you from updating your Windows 10 PC. We’ll windows 10 feature update free you how you can tackle this problem. According to Microsoft, you need at least 32GB of free disk space to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10—whether you’re using a or bit Windows OS.

If you have less than that, you may experience the “Windows needs more space” error. Otherwise, here are four ways you can free up space on your hard drive to allow Windows Update to complete. When there’s insufficient disk space for the Windows 10 update, you can create more space by windows 10 feature update free up the drive Windows 10 is installed on.

For most people, that is the C: drive. The Windows 10 Disk Cleanup tool can help you with this. It’ll perform a quick scan on your drive for files that you can remove from your PC without making changes to Windows Using the Disk Cleanup tool is windows 10 feature update free good way to посетить страницу источник enough disk space without affecting your important files. Here’s how you can get started with using the tool:. To create more disk space on the C: drive, you can manually delete some files you no longer need.

You can start by removing a folder called Windows. This is a folder that’s created automatically whenever you upgrade Windows Delete the folder only if you’re completely satisfied with your current version of Windows 10 and have no intention of returning to the old OS. If you can’t free up enough disk space on your PC, then it’s a good idea to extend your drive. This will give you enough space for the Windows 10 update.

Of course, this fix only works if you have unallocated space on your drive, but you can always check and find out. If you don’t have enough disk space on your PC, you can use an external storage device to complete the Windows 10 update.

For this, you’ll need an external storage device with about 10GB of free space or more, depending on how much additional space you need. Windows will pop up the “Windows needs more space” error message. On the Windows update page, select Fix issues. This will launch the Windows update tool that lets you update your PC using an external storage device. From here, follow these steps:. Before windows 10 feature update free an external storage device for updating word freetrial for windows 7 free PC, make sure you backup your important files.

You might be experiencing low disk storage issues because of large files hidden somewhere on your PC. Windows offers several ways to delete unwanted software, but it may be hard for you to locate some programs manually. You can easily find and delete large programs by using third-party software.

There are many software programs you can use, but we recommend IObit Uninstaller in this article. It once had a poor reputation for bundling third-party software in the installation, windows 10 feature update free that is no longer an issue.

You can remove all your large unwanted programs with the free version of the software. Removing large programs using a tool like IObit Uninstaller ensures there are no leftover folders, files, and Registry entries that would still consume your disk storage.

Updating windows 10 feature update free Windows 10 PC is something you should do regularly. It protects your PC from system crashes and malware attacks. The windows 10 feature update free in this article should help you fix this.

This is a long-term solution that ensures that you won’t run into any future disk storage problems. This will allow you to install Windows 10 updates with ease, any time.


Windows 10 feature update free.Feature Update via Windows 10, version 1909 Enablement Package


Pictures helped. Didn’t match my screen. Incorrect instructions. Too technical. Not enough information. Not enough pictures. Any additional feedback? Submit feedback. Thank you for your feedback! Release Channel. Additionally, the “enhanced” level of telemetry collection was removed. The fifth stable build of Windows 10 is called version , known as the Fall Creators Update.

It was codenamed ” Redstone 3 ” RS3 during development. This version was released on October 17, Notifications involving these contacts appear above their respective pictures, and users can communicate with the contact via either Skype , e-mail, or text messaging integrating with Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Support for additional services, including Xbox, Skype for Business , and third-party integration, are to be added in the future. Files can also be dragged directly to the contact’s picture to share them. It also introduces a new security feature known as “controlled folder access”, which can restrict the applications allowed to access specific folders.

This feature is designed mainly to defend against file-encrypting ransomware. The sixth stable build of Windows 10 is called version , known as the April Update. It was codenamed ” Redstone 4 ” RS4 during development. This version was released as a manual download on April 30, , with a broad rollout on May 8, The most significant feature of this build is Timeline, which is displayed within Task View. It allows users to view a list of recently-used documents and websites from supported applications “activities”.

When users consent to Microsoft data collection via Microsoft Graph , activities can also be synchronized from supported Android and iOS devices. The seventh stable build of Windows 10 is called version , known as the October Update. It was codenamed ” Redstone 5 ” RS5 during development.

This version was released on October 2, On October 6, , the build was pulled by Microsoft following isolated reports of the update process deleting files from user directories. On November 13, , Microsoft resumed the rollout of for a small percentage of users. The long term servicing release, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, is based on this version and is equivalent in terms of features. The eighth stable build of Windows 10, version , codenamed ” 19H1 “, was released for general availability on May 21, after being on the Insider Release Preview branch since April 8, New features in the update include a redesigned search tool—separated from Cortana and oriented towards textual queries, a new “Light” theme set as default on Windows 10 Home using a white-colored taskbar with dark icons, the addition of symbols and kaomoji to the emoji input menu, the ability to “pause” system updates, automated “Recommended troubleshooting”, integration with Google Chrome on Timeline via an extension, support for SMS-based authentication on accounts linked to Microsoft accounts, and the ability to run Windows desktop applications within the Windows Mixed Reality environment previously restricted to universal apps and SteamVR only.

A new feature on Pro , Education , and Enterprise known as Windows Sandbox allows users to run applications within a secured Hyper-V environment. A revamped version of Game Bar was released alongside , which redesigns it into a larger overlay with a performance display, Xbox friends list and social functionality, and audio and streaming settings. The ninth stable build of Windows 10, version , codenamed ” 19H2 “, was released to the public on November 12, after being on the Insider Release Preview branch since August 26, The tenth stable build of Windows 10, version , codenamed ” 20H1 “, was released to the public on May 27, after being on the Insider Release Preview branch since April 16, The eleventh stable build of Windows 10, version 20H2 , was released to the public on October 20, after being on the Beta Channel since June 16, This is the first version of Windows 10 to include the new Chromium-based Edge browser by default.

The Windows 10 May Update [74] codenamed “21H1” [75] is the eleventh update to Windows 10 as the cumulative update to the October Update. It carries the build number The first preview was released to Insiders who opted in to Beta Channel on February 17, The Windows 10 November Update [] codenamed “21H2” [] is the twelfth and current major update to Windows 10 as the cumulative update to the May Update.

The first preview was released on July 15, to Insiders who opted in to Release Preview Channel that failed to meet minimum system requirements for Windows Notable changes in the November Update include: [] []. The first build released under the new strategy, build , was made available to Insiders on the same day. As of June 15, , Microsoft has introduced the “channels” model to its Windows Insider Program, succeeding its “ring” model.

As of June 28, , the Dev Channel has transitioned to Windows From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Windows 10 original release. Main article: Windows 10 version Main article: Windows 10 version 20H2. Main article: Windows 10 Mobile version history. Windows Blogs. Windows Mobile PowerUser. All you need to know about Slow, Fast, and Release Preview rings”. Windows Central. October 21, Retrieved June 25, August 18, Retrieved September 3, November 12, Retrieved November 12, Ars Technica.

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September 13, Retrieved September 14, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved October 19, Windows blog. January 12, February 23, May 11, Retrieved May 11, Retrieved June 29, April 27, Retrieved May 6, April 30, Retrieved October 6, Add to Watchlist Comment Share. Windows Repair Portable 4.

WinZip Mac Edition 9. TweakNow DriveShortcut 1. History Viewer 5. Stream audio and video to your iPhone or iPad without the need to convert it first. Start Orb Mover 1. NTLite 2. The standard errors and their resolutions are given on the Microsoft Docs page, a handy guide for novice users. Of course, there is no guarantee that the error code and the solution would make the update successful next time, but it is worth giving it a try.

If the error code isn’t mentioned on the Microsoft docs page, you must interpret it manually. You can interpret errors starting with 8 on the Win32 error codes page. Use the Standard Feature update failed to install troubleshooting steps. If the error codes do not give you a hint on where to go, follow the standard steps which can be used are as follows:. Make sure all drivers are updated, especially the Video driver.

Correct drive corruption on C: drive Reference. Try installing the feature update in Clean Boot mode How to perform a clean boot in Windows. Remove the unnecessary features in Windows you do not use, see this tutorial here.

See here if you get “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition”. How to: Share the logs in case of a feature update failed to install. If the update fails even after all of these, you would need to submit the logs to us to find why the feature update fails to install.

Start a new question with the following information:. The Panther logs. Files named Setupact. The Rollback logs: These usually are created if Windows Update rolls back. If there is a BSOD, i. ZIP the file before upload. You would have to copy these files to the desktop first and then upload to Onedrive or a file-sharing website with a link to us. Please do not leave the links in the comments below as this might not be monitored. How to share diagnostic logs in the Microsoft community. Troubleshoot Windows 11 upgrade and Installation errors.

Quick Fixes.