At World of Asphalt this week, John Deere unveiled its new naming system for the 904 P-Tier wheel loader, with the goal of expanding it to the rest of its L Series loaders.

The naming system for equipment is based on three tier levels: G, P, and X.

In addition, the company is introducing an industry first: larger back views from the machine to improve operators’ situational awareness.

According to Luke Gribble, Deere’s solutions marketing manager for loaders and aggregates solutions, the tiers will be rolled out to all of the company’s large loaders later this year, with the exception of the 944K hybrid wheel loader.

The P-tier for wheel loaders has the same advanced features as the L Series models from the firm. G stands for budget models, whereas X stands for the company’s most cutting-edge features and hybrid diesel-electric technology. Those letters take the place of the letter that appears after the model number.

The 904 P-Tier has replaced the 844L Aggregate Handler, however there are a few changes between the two. “It had enough unique features that we decided to split it from the 844 and give it its own identity,” Gribble explains.

The L Series modifications will be on the new P-Tier vehicles, including the cabs from the last design revision, according to him. Automatic temperature control, ventilated seats, increased legroom, and standard joystick steering are among the amenities.

In addition, the 904 P-Tier has more horsepower, breakout force, and hydraulic pressure. Deere need a larger bucket in order to fill a regular 24-ton truck in two passes. The bucket capacity ranges from 9.3 to 9.8 cubic yards.

To support the increasing weight, Deere raised the counterweight and installed larger tilt cylinders to the front of the loader. According to Gribble, the manufacturer also gave it bigger tires for added weight and stability.

A more expansive and seamless rear view

“And later this year, we’ll have some new technologies that you can purchase on these machines,” Gribble says.

The Advanced Vision and Object Detection System, which the business claims is a first in the industry, is one of the new optional technologies. The system comprises digital cameras in the machine’s two sideview mirrors. To produce a single, larger display, the side camera images are integrated with the normal rearview camera. “On both sides of the machine, you can see bigger fields of view,” he explains.

The advanced object detecting system displays guidelines on the monitor that move with the machine, similar to those found on cars moving in reverse.

“Through the more powerful vision system and radar object detection, we’re looking at methods to improve operators’ situational awareness,” he continues.

When backing up, the machine’s object detection additionally sounds an alarm when it gets closer to an object. The beeping becomes more intense as you get closer to an object.

Power and stability have improved.

Deere also provided high-capacity, heavy-duty axles for the 904 P-Tier.

The manufacturer claims that it includes standard axle cooling filtration for improved durability in harsh situations than earlier models.

Other fuel-saving features include a more fuel-efficient engine, lockup torque converters, and a specialized steering pump. Auto-idle is a standard feature.

It features a 429-horsepower engine and weighs 80,905 pounds when fully loaded. The full turn tipping load is 52,214 pounds, and the hinge pin height is 15 feet 2 inches.

Hydraulic controls are positioned on the seat of the 904. Spill guards and curved side cutters are built into the material buckets.

JDLink, Deere’s telematics system, is compatible with the loader. According to Deere, it provides real-time machine data and alarms, allowing operators and owners to boost productivity and uptime while lowering daily operating expenses. According to the company, JDLink is now free to use without a subscription.

Later this year, dealers will be able to order the 904 P-Tier.


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