Crawler Cranes: Their Ideal Uses

Crawler cranes are utilized in a wide range of lifting tasks due to their ability to raise enormous weights, their ability to traverse through difficult and unstable terrain, and their overall sturdiness. Crawler cranes are useful in a variety of situations where other cranes are ineffective. Stampede Crane and Rigging is a company that specializes in cranes and rigging.

When Should Crawler Cranes Be Used?

If a project requires greater height, a longer reach, excessive weight lifting, or is located on unstable terrain, a crawler crane may be the best option. Crawler cranes can be used for a variety of tasks, including:


Crawler cranes can be quite beneficial in the oil and gas business, whether a hoisting operation takes place in the middle of a muddy field or on a developed piece of land. Crawler cranes are vital for new installations because of their ability to travel and raise items on the ground that other cranes cannot. Crawler cranes can lift up to 660 tonnes, making them suitable for handling the heavy equipment used in the oil industry.


Crawler cranes are commonly employed in construction projects due to their superior stability and capacity to lift huge loads at significant heights and distances. Crawler cranes are employed in construction when a huge weight needs to be raised across long distances or at considerable heights. They’re frequently employed for building in difficult-to-reach regions, new installations, and jobs in inclement weather.


Crawler cranes are often the ideal option due to the location of most agriculture projects and the type of terrain involved. A crawler crane may ensure that you are not limited in what ground you can travel over, whether you are installing new equipment or erecting an agricultural building, and the long boom and jib extensions can reach over many existing structures.

Source; stampedecrane