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ton Electric Multi-directional Forklift With m Lifting Height. Zowell RSEW series ton electric multi-directional forklift,side loader is one product suitable for moving long cargo whose length is within adopts thumb switch and proportional function to make the truck more stable and low noise during maxium lifting height is up to cannot only be Missing: free. E-mail:forklift@ TEL:+ Scan qrcode to view mobile website. Member Center; Exit. In one example, OSHA explains that a forklift capable of lifting 4, lbs. at a in. load center can only carry 2, lbs. at a in. load center. Think about it: just a 1 ft. difference in the center load position, and a forklift’s max load is reduced by up to 33%! Myth: If a forklift can lift 3, lbs. off the ground, it can safely Missing: free.


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Model Forrklift. Condition : New. Power Type : Battery. Fork Length : ,, Mm. Tire Type : Pneumatic Or Solid. Transmission : Automatic. Lift Size : M. Load Capacity : 2. Packaging : By container. Transportation : Ocean,Land. Place of Origin : China. HS Code : Power System. With ac motor which is reliable and high power, use no carbon brush, no maintenance. The power of forklift is strong. The cqpacity, acceleration and climbing performance are fully promoted, and the regenerative braking technology is more energy efficient.

Hydraulic System. Adopt AC pump motor which is high capacity and high efficiency. Gear pump has low noise. Hydraulic power steering and steering ссылка на продолжение more flexible. Transmission System. The drive is more stable. The horizontal gearbox structure capaity the center of gravity and improves the stability of the whole machine. Electrical System. It has a variety of safety features to ensure the operator’s safe operation.

CAN bus technology, signal transmission is more stable. Cab and Operator Station. Cabin space is capacious with high quality seat, which give you comfortable driving experience. Optional Mast Type. Optional Attachments. Side shifter, Adjust forks, Capactiy roll clamp, Bale clamp. Maintain convenience. The detection sensor is installed in the key part, and the controller is automatically detected.

The fault meter can display the capaxity fault code and the maintenance is convenient. Environmental performance. With traction battery as power, AC motor is efficient driving. Zero emissions, pollution-free, more environmentally. Energy consumption with low running cost. Shandong Volin Heavy Machinery Co.

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Contact Now. Payment Type:. Product Description. Product Attributes. Power System With ac motor which is reliable and high power, use no 2.5 ton forklift capacity free brush, no maintenance. Hydraulic System Adopt AC pump motor which is high capacity and high efficiency. Transmission System 2.55 drive is more stable. Cab and Operator Station Cabin space forkift capacious with high quality seat, which give you comfortable driving experience. Optional Mast Type 2 stage приведенная ссылка mast, 2 or 3 stage full free mast 7.

Maintain convenience The detection sensor is fee in the key part, and the controller is automatically detected. Environmental performance With traction battery as power, AC motor is efficient driving. Manufacturer Advantage: 1. ISUZU engine 10 ton diesel forklift. Email to this supplier. 2.5 ton forklift capacity free message must be between characters. Related Products List. All rights reserved.


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If you remember back to science class, a fulcrum is simply the point on which a lever rests and pivots. This is where the load in the front of the truck and the counterweight in the rear strike a balance. The stability triangle is a concept used to illustrate how a forklift can operate safely without tipping over.

The stability triangle is an imaginary triangle that exists between the center of the rear axle of a forklift and at both wheels of the front axle. In order to understand the stability triangle – and more importantly, how forklifts are engineered to prevent tip-overs – we need to introduce and define 5 concepts:. For instance, in a perfectly square load, the center of gravity is in the direct center of the square:.

We said above both a forklift itself and the load it handles each have their own center of gravity. Because where that combined center of gravity exists within the stability triangle determines the stability of the forklift as a whole. Whereas center of gravity is an imaginary point in a load, the load center instead is a measurement.

Assuming that the load is evenly distributed on the pallet, the answer is that it will have a inch load center. And in fact, most forklifts are rated at a inch load center because inch pallets are so common.

Answer: How much weight you can carry and at what distance from the pivot point you can do so without risking a tip over. The key concept to understand is that the center of gravity of the truck must fall within the perimeter of the stability triangle.

But as weight is added to the forks, the combined center of gravity moves closer to the front axle. Once the center of gravity is in line with the front axle, the forklift is at the limit for stability. And moving forward beyond the front axle will result in an unstable forklift in danger of tipping over. And just like the center of gravity cannot go outside the confines of the stability triangle that is, the front axle , it also cannot go outside the confines of the pyramid.

Because a load that’s safe at only a couple inches off the ground may in fact tip the forklift over at a few feet above the ground. And to understand how much a forklift can lift, we need to differentiate between these two terms.

The rated load capacity is the maximum theoretical weight of load a lift truck can safely lift. For example, if we talk about a 3, lb.

While the rated capacity may be 3, lbs. And this extra thickness increases the load center, which increases the load moment and thus decreases the lifting capacity. The higher the lifting height , the less weight can be lifted. And when that happens, the lift truck can no longer safely lift the load without the risk of tipping over. And not only does this reduce the lifting capacity, but it also introduces instability into the forklift. Different tire types, sizes, and tread widths can increase or decrease a forklift’s lifting capacity.

And dual tire configurations give forklifts higher lifting capacities than single tire configurations. Internal combustion forklifts rely on the counterweight at the rear to stabilize the lift truck. And installing a lighter-weight battery can reduce the lifting capacity and cause serious safety concerns.

Overloading a forklift is a safety risk and can result in forklift accidents , injury, or death. And that can result in collisions with other equipment, infrastructure, product, or even personnel. When you overload and get an accident, you risk getting OSHA fines and other consequences for poor material handling practices.

These fines are nothing to shrug off either. The operator shall see that all markings and nameplates are in place and are properly maintained in a legible condition. The nameplate stores the rated capacity. Only handle safely arranged or stable loads. Exercise caution when handling off-center loads. The long or high including multiple-tiered loads which may affect capacity shall be adjusted. Besides specific rules, OSHA also recommends a variety of practices to ensure you properly load your forklift.

Following these recommendations can help ensure your forklift maintains the right stability and balance:. Keep the center of gravity of the load as near as possible to the center going horizontally across the forks. Handle only stable or safely arranged loads. Exercise caution when handling off-center loads that cannot be centered.

Never travel with the load elevated. Instead, keep the center of gravity of the load as low to the ground as possible 4 to 6 inches. This record belongs to the Swedish manufacturer Kalmar and is verified by the Guinness Book of Records. Some of the forklift capacity ratings for common types of forklifts are:. Also called “nameplates,” “data plates,” or “data tags,” these are plaques installed on forklifts that list essential information about the truck, including:.

If we take A, B, and C together, we can see that this forklift can handle a weight of 5, lb. Because of that, the truck can lift lb. From the example above, you can lift 5, lbs. Fortunately, OSHA provides a field calculation to estimate the safe loading capacity of a forklift in these situations. Excellent explanation Question — how can one tell if the correct counterweight is fitted to the forklift i. That is a great question. That would be best done by a qualified forklift technician.

I hope that helps, and thank you for the question! Thanks for your question and kind compliment! Does the weight of the forklift operator impact forklift capacity? Is there a maximum weight of an operator that a forklift seat will uphold? Great questions! That said, most seats support between and kg — lbs.

I hope that helps and thanks for your questions! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Feel free to contact us the old fashioned way. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer 0 items in quote No products in the Quote Basket. This article is all about forklift weight capacity.

Let’s dive in! Table of Contents. Understanding forklift capacities first requires understanding how a forklift works. In essence, a forklift is like a seesaw. A forklift is just like a seesaw. That is, the weight on one side of the seesaw must be balanced by the weight on the other side. Its job is to provide a counterbalance to the load. It does so by providing more downward force than the load on the front of the truck. And this prevents the truck from tipping forward when loaded.

So what is the fulcrum point on a forklift? The front axle of a forklift is the pivot point or fulcrum. Load-Bearing Mechanism. What Is the Stability Triangle? But what exactly is it?

The stability triangle exists between the front and rear axles. Why is the stability triangle located at these three points? Understanding the Stability Triangle. What Is Center of Gravity? The center of gravity of an unloaded forklift is just below the seat. In the load itself, the center of gravity can depend on how the load is constructed. The center of gravity of an evenly-distributed load is directly in the center.

For example, take a look at this irregular load:. The center of gravity of an irregular load will not be directly in the center. And this has important implications for the safe carrying of this load on a forklift. What Is Combined Center of Gravity? But what happens when you pick up the load with the forklift?

Answer: The centers of gravity of both the forklift and the load combine. So why is this concept important?

What Is the Load Center of a Forklift? Now here comes another one related to center of gravity. The load center is the distance from the horizontal and vertical parts of the forks to the center of gravity of the load.